Lorella Belotti joined IPC in 1990. She started as Manager Quality of Service and Audits, co-founded the first independent monitoring system for cross-border letter mail and implemented the first IPC operational and organisational quality of service project and audit programme worldwide. She conducted personally more than 100 audits, focused on cross-border postal services, offices of exchange, transports, logistics, operations and resources. She leaded auditor teams of different nationalities, cultures and languages. She built partnership, positive relationship and networking with external parties and international organisations to strengthen co-operation, products and service development.

From 1999 she has been leading the E-Parcel Group (EPG), promoting and enlarging it. She launched the Customer Service System over the internet first for the EPG.

In 2007 she was appointed Head of Parcel Services and co-designed, developed and launched marketing innovative services such as the e-Return Solution for return goods to seller throughout the postal network, the Delivery Choice project, for customer to choose the type of delivery via the internet and succeeded in the extension of the Customer Service System to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) cross-border parcels, which started with 10 posts in 2008 and was rolled out to over 135 countries by 2013.

Since early in 2017 she has also been heading the EMS services. As of December 2017 she acted as Head of EPG, EMS and KPG Services, ensuring the delivery of high performance international IPC Services for the 31 EPG members, for the over 180 EMS Cooperative members, via the EMS Unit, and for the 11 KPG members. According to the above groups, the areas covered vary: from regular products performance monitoring and reporting, with additional dedicated support whenever needed, to governance, financing, customer service, product and service enhancement.

In December 2018 she was given the Reporting Services and ceded the KPG ones, which increased her area of responsibility. Lorella is today the Head of Strategic Relations & Reporting Services and is supported by a larger, dedicated and professional team.

Prior to joining IPC, Lorella worked 7 years with Poste Italiane where she held a variety of management positions in financial services, domestic and international products, operations, transport, and quality of service. Previous professional experiences include working for McLintock (KPMG) in Milan, Italy, and for TrustHouse Forte in London, United Kingdom. Lorella is a Political Sciences graduate of Brussels University ULB, has a certificate in ISO Quality of ICHEC Business Management School in Brussels, is a qualified Tour Operator, and is a member of ULB UAE.

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Head of Strategic Relations & Reporting Services
Head of Strategic Relations & Reporting Services