The first IPC Pallet Boxes dispatched from Paris to London.
  • The first IPC Pallet Boxes dispatched from Paris to London
  • The IPC Pallet Box allows for more efficient use of cross-border road transportation through a durable and stackable solution, minimising equipment tare weight and maximising the use of load capacity
  • An environmentally friendly, collapsible, re-usable pallet box which allows for easy stacking, repatriation and storage between uses

Brussels, 20 July 2016 – As part of its mission to optimise international mail and parcel streams and to increase efficiency, IPC has launched the IPC Pallet Box, a cost-effective Reusable Transit Packaging (RTP) which is collapsible and has a very low tare weight, offering many advantages to the repatriation processes and storage between uses.

On 12 July, the first IPC Pallet Boxes were deployed on the Paris–London route. The Pallet Box network will be further rolled out in the coming months to include Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Alan Barrie, Director of Operations and Technology at IPC, said: “The IPC Pallet Box is another big step for postal operators to increase efficiency in cross-border road transport and help them save costs. IPC’s other pool services – the Bag Pool and Tray Pool – have proven their value over a number of years and I am sure the Pallet Box will also be a win for our members.”

ceo-group-picture-2016Using one type of receptacle within the network means that the total number of receptacles is much smaller and the repatriation of members’ own equipment becomes unnecessary. The IPC Pallet Box solution was developed to reduce the number of traditional one-way receptacles. Moreover, the solution introduces harmonisation by using a standard receptacle across the network, rather than a combination of roll cages, carton Pallet Boxes, etc. Lastly, as the operators are sharing the costs of the network and saving storage space and repatriation costs, the solution will bring a cost reduction for all operators involved.

Thanks to its stacking capabilities, the IPC Pallet Box allows the fullest volume exploitation across operations, especially of truck cargo space and of load capacity utilisation. The Pallet Box also requires less storage floor area during pre-transport staging and receipt at destination Offices of Exchange facilities. Postal Offices of Exchange will benefit from easy double stacking, allowing for 66 Euro Pallet IPC Pallet Boxes to be transported on one truck, over two times more capacity than traditional roller cages, with a potential weight of over 19 tonnes.

The IPC Pallet Box offers a 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, durable, re-usable, lightweight and weather- and chemical-resistant solution. This solution allows postal operators to optimise their cross-border road transport.

The Pallet Box is equipped with RFID in order to facilitate the tracking of transported items and manage the stock






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