To answer the increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about the whereabouts of cross-border postal items.

GCSS mapHow does it work?

The IPC’s Global Customer Service System (GCSS) is a web-based application enabling the exchange of customer queries on barcoded items through pre-defined workflows between postal operators’ customer service departments.

The IPC GCSS enables posts to improve the customer service experience, especially in case of queries for cross-border mail items. The system allows for the immediate action on customer queries as customer service agents have access to detailed item tracking information. GCSS sets response targets to ensure a timely resolution of these queries.

Linking 278 call centres globally in 185 countries, the IPC GCSS is a unique platform in the postal industry.


The IPC GCSS contains a formalised workflow based on competitive response targets, with a focus on proper data provision and conclusive replies, and various tools to pro-actively communicate information on item and query status:

  • Full postal item tracking tool (on item and international transport level)
  • User-friendly message lists and alerts for postal operator’s call centres
  • Automatic inclusion of the latest tracking information in inquiries
  • Various reference pages
  • Interface with call centres’ local systems available (e.g. CRM)
  • A set of performance reports
  •  Provision of item-related information

Underpinning key international postal products

GCSS supports many different international delivery services and networks such as Parcels, PRIME (Registered, Insured, Exprès), Express Mail Service and subgroup Kahala Posts Group (EMS/KPG), E-Parcel Group (EPG) and INTERCONNECT (Premium, Standard Packets and Standard Parcels).

Fixed set of procedures and targets

The system is designed around a fixed set of procedures with agreed response targets for eachsupported service and network. Each query in the system uses predefined sections where the call center agent enters specific information, supplied by the inquiring customer.

The data on the item ID is automatically populated from the IPC CAPE system (tracking) and the IPC Data Hub.

When the information in the inquiry is complete, it is sent to the destination postal operator’s call centre. Through IPC’s business intelligence tool, IPC Insights, trends reports and tailor-made reports, managers of participating posts are able to monitor their own call centres’ performance, detect issues, investigate bottlenecks and drilldown into workflow data.

There are two type of reports: predefined reports, which give an overview on issues such as on time performance, workflow requests and response times, and custom reports that users can generate themselves to analyse a wide range of parameters from the GCSS database.

More information

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Customer Service best practices

Agents and managers who are working with the INTERCONNECT GCSS can access a comprehensive description of the Customer Service best practices

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