The postal industry has been transformed by the surge of cross-border e-commerce purchases. The need for post and parcel operators to understand consumer and e-retailer needs is vital in order to anticipate market requirements and remain at the forefront of cross-border deliveries.

How does it work?

As e-commerce continues to grow, the IPC E-commerce Market Insights team provides a unique view of consumer and e-retailer preferences – and the role of the postal sector in meeting these. The change in consumer behaviour when buying online, and the rising expectations for reliable and pre-defined delivery slots are challenges that the IPC Market Insights team are able to provide in-depth and relevant research into, to allow postal operators to adapt to the fast-paced market.

The Market Insights team produces an extensive number of analyses, reports and articles that have been researched and produced to meet the needs of postal and parcel operators.


  • Major cost savings through research commissioned at an international level and with a globally applied methodology.
  • Access to unique quantitative research on cross-border e-commerce shoppers’ preferences and behaviours, including tailor-made country reports.
  • A library of resources: including e-commerce reports and research, and e-retailer intelligence reports.

Specific reports

IPC Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey

The IPC Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey provides a comprehensive analysis of the trends and drivers shaping cross-border e-commerce from the perspective of online consumers. The study focuses exclusively on online cross-border shopping for goods requiring physical delivery. Topics covered by the research include:

  • Online shopping preferences
  • Delivery and tracking expectations (e.g. expected speed of delivery from particular regions, relative importance of tracking at various stages)
  • Delivery cost (e.g. measuring willingness to pay for additional delivery options)
  • Most recent cross-border e-commerce experience (an in-depth overview of most recent experience, including details of the product purchased, the delivery experience, etc.)
  • The 2017 survey was conducted with an online sample of over 29,000 respondents in 31 countries worldwide, throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Other research and reports

Other outputs provided by the IPC Market Insights team include:

  • Bespoke E-retailer Intelligence Reports researched by IPC on leading global e-retailers (Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Zalando etc.) highlighting innovation, delivery trends and opportunities and threats for posts
  • Analysis of delivery times advertised by rival courier companies, based on desk research
  • A regularly updated online library of e-commerce reports, based on data from several sources such as eMarketer, and a platform to share e-commerce and delivery-related reports
  • Estimations of e-commerce trade flows between all major markets

More information

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