Direct Marketing is a key focus area for IPC in defending the core business of postal operators. Furthermore, Direct Mail has a proven positive impact on e-commerce sales. In 2020 and 2021, Direct Mail has proven to be effective with fast responses to QR codes linked to online sites.

How does it work?

IPC provides research, analysis, case studies and a Direct Marketing online community for postal marketing professionals. IPC support material for Direct Marketing includes the Direct Mail Guide, which provides an expert view on some of the most-discussed topics in the industry such as programmatic Direct Mail, boosting response rates, case studies and the powerful combination of mail advertising and e-commerce. In addition, there is a comprehensive library of case studies and reports based on award winning campaigns and market research available to members.

DM Insights Group

In the working group of this service, the DM Insights group, the focus areas are:

  • Promoting Direct Mail as an effective element of an omnichannel marketing campaign with contemporary media buyers who tend to be relatively young and focused predominantly on online channels;
  • Helping posts take advantage of technology that can be used to enhance the preparation, integration and results tracking of a Direct Mail campaign – in essence, combining the advantages of a tangible communication channel with the possibilities of digital as value added;
  • Analysing and sharing the key arguments that speak for using Direct Mail in modern campaigns – this may come in the form of a commentary to a case study, a focus article, or an infographic which collates research results regarding Direct Mail’s results and consumers attitudes towards it;
  • Addressing the environmental issue which is very important, especially to a younger consumer base – even though paper is a recyclable resource, it may be perceived as worse than online.


  • A monthly overview of the industry key news regarding Direct Mail related reports, articles, case studies and events;
  • A variety of analyses ranging from levels of unaddressed advertising blocking to direct mail volume development to key industry innovations;
  • A quarterly Direct Marketing webinar where experts from all member posts can showcase their innovation or research results, listen to and ask questions to guests  from the wider advertising industry and bounce ideas off a like-minded group of people;
  • Potential access to fellow postal marketing experts in 25 different postal organisations to discuss strategy, innovation, approach, product trials, etc.

Direct Mail Guide

The Direct Mail Guide gives its users a summary of what is behind a successful direct mail campaign, how to boost response rate and what recent research tells us about various advertising channels. The Guide also presents global research in a digestible manner.

More information

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