The IPC Direct Mail Guide provides an industry-wide overview of mail advertising, its advantages and ways to leverage it for best results. The publication was created in collaboration with IPC members and is publically available.

Traditional marketing channels have been shaken up, but not necessarily supplanted by digital media, and today direct mail is a complimentary rather than a competing medium. Marketers who started their careers in the past ten years are familiar with online and social marketing but less so with direct mail. As today’s consumers are channel agnostic, a campaign often requires a cross-media approach to ensure that it reaches its full potential. The marketing reality is not about finding one channel, or about choosing between online or offline, but about the right set of channels working together to maximise the return on investment (ROI).

Ultimately, to make sure your marketing campaign is successful, regardless of the channel mix you are using, you need to make sure you have the following elements: precise targeting, a good offer and a creative which stands out. This guide is aimed at helping you prepare successful mailings as part of cross-channel campaigns to increase response rates and deliver on your objectives.

New update released in April 2016

The marketing sector continues to evolve and new innovative campaigns are launched every week, which is why we decided to produce an update of this guide. With additional sections on technology and campaign measurement and updated case studies selection, this update provides new insights into the trends in direct marketing.

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The following graph provides an overview of some of the key facts and figures about direct mail advertising. For more in-depth information, read our Direct Mail Guide.

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