Being successful in the e-commerce delivery market means understanding your competitors as well as global and regional peers. In order to do this, posts need to transform and strengthen their share in the e-commerce delivery market. They want to increase their market size and have the ambition to become global e-commerce players. Technological developments and disruption in final-mile delivery in markets around the world need to be monitored and analysed. IPC’s E-commerce Market Insights help to better understand customer needs with regard to improving customer experiences.

How does it work?

As e-commerce continues to grow in proportion to total retail, the IPC Market Insights team provides analysis on global trends and how these will affect the postal industry. This includes primary and secondary research to understand the requirements of leading global e-retailers, and secondary research to understand developments by market and region. The effect of technology and innovation on e-commerce and how these will affect postal operators are also researched and analysed. The IPC Market Insights team provides in-depth and relevant research to inform postal operators on how to sustain their business in the face of mail volume decline, competition and disruption. The aim is to stimulate postal transformation through market research and strategic analysis.


  • A regularly updated online library of e-commerce reports, based on data from multiple sources and a platform to share e-commerce and delivery-related reports.
  • Bespoke e-retailer intelligence reports researched by IPC on leading global e-retailers including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Wish, highlighting innovation, delivery trends and opportunities and threats for posts.
  • Opportunities for postal e-commerce by market sector.
  • Comparisons of delivery service offerings by market.
  • Estimations of e-commerce trade flows between all major markets.
  • Market requirements for delivery speed.
  • Market requirements for parcel tracking.
  • Automation of the delivery and logistics market.
  • Key e-commerce learnings from Asia with a focus on China and Korea.
  • Case studies of postal innovations.
  • Reports on De Minimis values and customs solutions per country.
  • Analysis of parcel locker approaches per country.


  • Access to analysis based on IPC subscriptions to data from leading providers of global e-commerce market intelligence
  • Access to up to date research and studies from around the world on e-commerce delivery
  • A library of resources: including e-commerce reports and research, and e-retailer intelligence reports

More information

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