The Regulatory Portal is a web application that provides an entry point to a set of regulatory resources available to all portal users. It offers an easy comparison of the regulatory environment in 27 countries worldwide, which is a key benefit for postal operators functioning in national markets outside their home territory and for regulatory information at large.

Access the IPC Regulatory Portal

The IPC Regulatory Portal is available to posts who are participating in the programme (for more information, please contact the Regulatory Services department). To get access to the IPC Regulatory Portal, please log in via the Login button in the top-right. If you do not have an account yet, please register to the website.

Once logged in, you will see a link to the Regulatory Portal in the top-right corner of this page. To log in to the Portal, please use the same user name and password you use to log into the IPC website.

What does the IPC Regulatory Portal offer?

The IPC Regulatory Portal provides a broad scope of information at a very detailed level on a wide range of postal regulatory issues, such as the Universal Service Obligation (USO), price regulation, Value-Added Tax (VAT) policy, licensing, postal network and downstream access, among others.

It is divided into 8 modules of legal and regulatory relevance. In the first-place information of all countries on various topics is provided in consolidated format under the theme of Regulatory Topics.

The Country Pages module provides a detailed overview of domestic regulations.

The Topic Pages module allows navigation of regulatory topics starting from the topic and not the country. Country-specific information is also linked to relevant documents uploaded on the Portal under Country Pages and Topic Pages.

The EU Issue Tracker module includes a selection of EU legislative documents (directives, regulations, decisions etc.) in various practice areas along with opinion papers, statistics, studies and reports on topics that represent the regulatory context for the EU cross-border e-Commerce market. These subject areas focus on data protection & privacy, consumer rights & law, payment services, dispute resolution, customs & taxation etc.

The Regulators' Tracker module allows quick regulatory and policy monitoring. It includes National Regulatory Authorities’ annual reports, key decisions, postal acts, public consultations, statistics and reports. The Regulatory Database module includes the electronic version of all the IPC Regulatory Database publications from 2004 onwards, analysing the regulatory environment in almost 50 countries worldwide. The latest version was uploaded in February 2016.

The Match Maker selections correspond best with the country profile; provide direct access to background, including regulations and impact studies, all related to the query. This module allows comparisons based on selected topics and rules.

Lastly, the Regulatory Library has been developed further and includes new reports (more than 500), such as impact studies, academic papers, articles and the postal acts that transposed the Third Postal Directive into EU Member states national law.

Under each module there are several sub-modules.

IPC has simplified the Regulatory Database and Portal, with its synoptic overview of its regulatory options for a total coverage of 49 countries, and has enhanced the regulatory information per country, with specific attention to:

  • USO (quality of service, accessibility, retail network)
  • USO financing (and USO cost)
  • Price control (tariff and price cap regulation, format-based pricing)
  • Downstream access/licensing (worksharing, downstream access)

The Regulatory Portal also includes new search functions that will enable you to search for key terms inside document and to search by topic, as well as direct links to related documents that are stored on IPC servers or external sources to facilitate further research.

Access to Regulatory Portal

Please log in via the 'user' icon in the top-right corner to access the Regulatory Portal. Once logged in, a link will be visible below.