To provide posts with additional visibility (RFID data and tracking events) for individual receptacles that are being despatched. This service aims to improve the quality of postal processes for both road and air transport at critical hand-over points within the Leg 2 sub-stretch of the postal pipeline. It is mainly used to increase Leg 2 visibility and complement receptacle tracking barcoding activity at crucial points in postal operations.

How does it work?

The RFID passive tag is attached to, or embedded in, the S9 operational label. As these tags are read by the RFID gates in the network, it provides IPC central system with RFID raw registrations. Specific business logic is then applied which converts these raw registrations into useful tracking data.

RFID embedded in the S9 receptacle sticker (“S9 solution”)

This solution uses the existing operational S9 label which all posts use to attach to receptacles. The RFID enabled printer generates the S9 label which includes an RFID tag inside the S9 label.


RFID added on S9 receptacle labels (“RTE solution”)

This solution is based on the RFID tracking tag being manually attached to the S9 operational label, i.e. an RFID sticker called “RTE tag” (Receptacle Tracking Encoding). This requires an association between the RTE tag and the S9 label with a hand-held scanner provided by IPC. Afterwards, RFID reads are captured in the postal pipeline from RFID equipment installed in postal facilities and linked to the appropriate S9 ID of the receptacle.



  • Using the existing RFID hardware for another operational solution increases the return on investment on RFID hardware in international postal facilities.
  • The RFID Receptacle Tracking solution’s key advantage for postal operational staff is the provision of extra data for Leg 2 monitoring; this solution can provide critical and accurate operational information of the key hand-over points between the post and carriers/handlers (land and air), thus improving the accuracy and reliability of the checks and monitoring of the international postal processes.
  • Enriched data availability for operational monitoring: more data available to monitor operational performance and proactive management will lead to better performance in Leg 2 processes.
  • RFID Receptacle Tracking can be applied to customers with presorted receptacles and can be easily integrated with other systems.

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