The lack of proper consignment management between posts and airlines causes delays in the air transportation of mail and undermines the performance of one of the key processes of an end-to-end network. To address this issue, posts need to optimise their capacity planning process.

How does it work?

IPC’s Integrated Forecasting, Allocation and Booking Solution (IFABS) is one of the solutions developed by IPC together with postal operators and airlines to optimise business processes related to airmail. Ultimately, this consists of four separate modules, each of which covers an autonomous cluster of functionalities:

• Capacity Forecast Service (CFS)
• Route Management Service (RMSI)
• Allotment and Allocation Service (AAS)
• Booking into the Allotment Service (BAS)

Depending on the specific needs of each post or airline, these modules can be used as separate solutions, while all of them combined can provide an end-to-end integrated solution. At the moment, only the first module is fully operational, allowing for enhanced capacity forecasting calculation. The other features will be released shortly.

Capacity Forecast Service (CFS)
To address capacity planning issues, IPC has built a Capacity Forecast (CFS) tool that takes into account historical volume data and trends and applies an advanced algorithm supporting long- and short-term forecasting. It includes volume and weight forecasts. Better forecasts lead to more reliability and less risk for mail to be left behind at origin or a transit airport.


  • It is an end-to-end solution designed to assist posts and airlines in airmail transport planning.
  • The solution provides support to posts in forecasting through historical data their capacity needs.
  • It supports both posts’ and airlines’ processes with route management, allotment template building and booking into the allotment.

More information

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