Several posts and carriers which are part of the Engage initiative requested a solution to automatically approve payments on receptacles, through the usage of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages exchanged between posts and airlines. By using EDI messages, posts and airlines avoid the lengthy and costly verification processes which are caused by the manual processing of operational data when preparing the invoices. Using PARIS, posts are better equipped to address the subsequent validation and claims processes.

How does it work?

The PARIS service uses EDI messages exchanged between parties to identify the mail receptacles consigned and carried, entitled to be paid by a postal operator to a carrier.

It provides for each receptacle a settlement status which is determined by the level of accuracy of the available EDI information. Both post and air carrier receive a list of the receptacles that are “approved for payment”. The list is defined by a customised combination of business rules applied to the EDI messages exchanged between the parties. The ‘approval for payment’ is therefore automated since the business rules are bilaterally agreed by the post and the carrier. The output report is used by the air carrier accounting systems to generate the invoice, and by the postal accounting systems to finally approve the invoice. This interface with accounting systems can also be automated in order to further streamline the end-to-end settlement and invoicing process.


PARIS allows posts and airlines to easily agree on the applicable rules that will determine which receptacles are approved for payment. Such agreement will be then translated into thorough calculations that will lead to automatic approval for payment of large amounts of receptacles. By using PARIS the users gain two key benefits:

  • A considerable reduction of the workload required to verify and check operational data (only the receptacles that are subject to discrepancies, or not sufficiently covered by EDI exchanges, need to be checked manually);
  • A decrease in the number of claims driven by a higher accuracy of the calculation. PARIS is therefore a tool that can drive substantial savings in the settlement process. 

More information

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