In the past, priority mail was transported in a myriad of different containers: sacks, plastic tubs, cardboard trays, etc., all different in shapes and sizes. As the mail traveled the globe, containers of each postal operator had to be stored and then returned to their original operator at high costs, making the process very complicated. The IPC Tray Pool was created as a solution to these bottlenecks, to optimise operations and save costs for postal operators.

How does it work?

The IPC Tray Pool is a shared pool of standard and durable plastic trays used to transport international letter mail. It has a unique “one size fits all” design and can carry P and G, C5, C6 and C4 mail, ensuring high fill rates and minimising the need for other types of containers. The IPC Tray Pool makes transport of international priority mail easy, effective, and low-cost.

The IPC Tray Pool is centrally managed by IPC via CAPE Vision’s Tray Management Function (TMF). By using a centralised database originating from EDI messages sent by the Tray Pool Members, IPC can keep a balance of stock for all participating posts.


  • Reduced complexity and costs of returning individual member-owned trays or bags.
  • Reduced storage, handling, and transport costs, as there is no need for storage and repatriation. IPC provides a consistent supply of tray units to meet forecasted requirements. The Tray Pool also has a range of stacking possibilities, thanks to its uniform size and improved design, reducing storage space in the production areas as well as in storage facilities.
  • Easier barcode scanning and removal of old labels thanks to a dedicated “cross-hatched” area on the lid for the receptacle label.
  • Improved efficiency of international priority mail exchange: the mail is well protected, therefore it is kept undamaged, dry and clean, which makes automated sorting smoother and more productive.
  • The IPC Tray Pool uses materials that are fully recyclable and is designed to make lifting, carrying and handling easier.

Facts and figures

    5m trays
  • Used by 22 posts
  • 900 international routes
  • 460,000 Trays in stock
  • 5m Trays exchanged annually
  • Maximum weight of a full tray: 10 kg
  • Easy to carry handles

More information

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