Through their fleet and buildings, posts are contributing to the carbon footprint. Significant, systematic, and sustainable carbon emissions reductions can only be achieved through a comprehensive approach to carbon management, a common carbon measurement and reporting structure and publication.

How does it work?

The EMMS programme was developed in 2008 in response to stakeholder and postal CEO requests for the postal sector to minimise its carbon footprint. The EMMS programme is a global initiative, consisting of 20 participants from five continents – Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America. The programme provides a common carbon measurement and reporting structure that enables participants to share their carbon and environmental management strategies, performance, and achievements.

The annual EMMS reporting cycle consists of two stages:

  1. A comprehensive Carbon Management Proficiency (CMP) questionnaire: this qualitative assessment evaluates participants’ performance against ten management pillars, including Policy and Procedures, Activity, Employee Engagement, Measurement and Verification, and Targets.
  2. Carbon Performance Indicators (CPI): a quantitative assessment of participants’ carbon efficiency where participants report on their carbon emissions and other organisational data, including renewable and non-renewable electricity consumption, transport modes and distances (own and outsourced), postal quantities, and numbers of alternative-fuel capable vehicles.


  • Posts benefit from a common third-party audited carbon measurement and reporting system.
  • Through best-practice sharing at numerous events, workshops and webinars, posts learn from each other and continue to make improvements.
  • The IPC EMMS programme is appreciated as a very powerful programme where encouraging climate action is considered the most successful aspect.
  • The EMMS illustrates the business case for postal operators of sustainability initiatives: between 2008 and 2016, the group has achieved accumulated fuel and electricity consumption reductions which represent a financial saving of €1,484m.
  • The EMMS offers posts the opportunity to engage with employees through international initiatives such as the international IPC Drivers’ Challenge.
  • The annual Postal Sector Sustainability Report presents the results of the posts’ efforts in carbon management and absolute reductions, and a large selection of best practice cases.

More information

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